Audition Overview

You may audition for as many groups as you are eligible. If auditioning for multiple groups, please be sure to leave at least 10 minutes between auditions to allow for transition time.

Auditions are pretty informal, so come relaxed and wear whatever you want. Besides your voice, your personality is an important part of your first impression, so be just yourself! Please be prepared to sing a short solo of your choice that you feel best shows off your abilities, is enjoyable to you, and is within your vocal range. Please bring a copy of your class schedule for each group you are auditioning, so the group can take your commitments into account when scheduling rehearsals.

Audition procedures from group to group vary, but in general you can expect the following:

Prior to the Auditions

  • You will be briefed on audition procedures before you begin. Auditions are private.
  • Your picture may be taken to help us put faces to names and numbers and remember who sang what. It is not used for any other purpose, and will be deleted after auditions are complete.
  • Your audition may be recorded. This is to allow judges to come back and review your performance so you are scored fairly. This file will also be deleted once auditions are complete.

The Audition

  • The range test - Used to place you in your proper voice part.
  • Your solo - Your chance to show off what you love.
  • Sight singing/Ear training - You may be asked to sight read a piece of music, or to perform a call and response exercise based around a series of notes played on a keyboard

Fall Auditions are closed!
Check back next semester!

Please note:

The information provided is a general overview of the kind of screenings that occur at auditions.

Procedures may vary at the discretion of each group.

Contact the group of interest for additional details on audition signup/procedures.