About the 'Dudes

Founded in 2005 with an equal mix of X and Y chromosomes, some college guys from UCF made the wrong turn at Albuquerque and squandered all of the funds from their off-shore Swiss bank account on burritos and skee-ball. They were left only with their unquenchable desire to sing and their unquestionable manliness which, as it turns out, go hand in hand. Thus began the legend of the Crescendudes, the oldest and only all-male a cappella group on the UCF campus.

3rd place regional winners of the 2008 International Collegiate Championship of A Cappella (ICCA) and winners of Best Choreography for the 2008 and 2009 ICCA South Quarterfinals, the Crescendudes are a dynamic bunch of laid-back guys at the University of Central Florida who enjoy harmonizing, joking, and getting distracted for a few hours a week at the expense of their GPAs.

A close-knit yet very open group, the Crescendudes encourages interaction with audiences and members in a fusion of performance, entertainment, and fun. Rehearsals are built around member schedules and e-mail communication is imperative. If you are interested in joining us, having us perform, recommending a song, or just want to comment, please feel free to write us.


In Fall 2005, Contemporary A Cappella (CAC) held auditions consisting of singing a solo of one’s choice. Not surprisingly, as happens every year, these auditions pulled in a lot of girls and not so many guys. The nameless group of 7 guys made their home in the Visual Arts Building room located behind the VAB 132 stage. Here the Crescendudes began their humble beginnings: a non-descript place, filled with a lot of empty space, some chairs, and a piano. Sometimes the Dudes-to-be had not even this room, and so met in the hallway outside or on the loading dock nearby instead. Founder Bryan Lin, a freshman with as of yet no particular merit to his name, for having the most musical experience of the group was voted to become the first music director, and having no sheet music but a copy of “for the longest time” provided by someone since forgotten, plans were discussed for the future of the group, including availabilities, rehearsal times, voice parts, and of course, a name. Many puns were passed, as is typical of collegiate a cappella groups, but over and over, they were found to be lacking in originality and shot down. After many nights of deep meditation and soul searching, Founder Drew Agan proposed the name Crescendudes, a word until that day had never before been spoken. And after a google search to confirm, by vote in September 2005 the Crescendudes came to be.