UCF's all-dude a cappella
About Us

Founded in 2005, some college guys from UCF made the wrong turn at Albuquerque and squandered all of their funds from their offshore Swiss bank account on burritos and skee-ball. They were left only with their unquenchable desire to sing and their unquestionable manliness which, as it turns out, go hand in hand. Thus began the legend of the Crescendudes, the oldest and only all-dude a cappella group on the UCF campus.

We're a close-knit group, built on our love for singing and our friendship. We bring that to the stage with our fun, energetic performances, skilled musicianship, and goofy humor. We perform a variety of genres in hopes that we have something for everyone.

Check out our recordings and performances on YouTube and Spotify! You can also follow us on social media to find out when and where we are performing at UCF!

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